#YouAreSpecialBecause via @hashtagskirmish & @JKCallawayYAY: Top Picks


Unbelievably fun playing along with this week’s Skirmish Game #YouAreSpecialBecause! We Trended #2 in BOTH Canada and the US with over 8k submissions and over 4k users who played! A HUGE thank you to this week’s co-hosts @RelaxForReal, @hdtorch and @HashtagEntNews! Make sure you listen to their podcast https://soundcloud.com/hashtagentertainmentnews for great Hashtag Talk! Join us next Wednesday, September 14th at 3pmEDT for our next Skirmish!

Watch out for a NEW GAME starting this Monday, September 7th at 3pmEDT/12pmPDT called @HashtagOrElse! It’s hosted by yours truly, @jkCallawayYAY and one of my great friends on Twitter as well as a member of @SeriousGirlGang Annalee @afloodofblood! Play Along… OR ELSE!!!

Here are a few Honerable Mentions from some of the best and brightest in our community!

Here’s one from each of the hosts from this week’s game!

And now… Here is our Top10 from Wednesday, September 2nd’s @HashtagSkirmish Game #YouAreSpecialBecause…

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