#TerribleGiftsForA4YearOld via @hashtagskirmish & @JKCallawayYAY: Top Picks


Absolutely Awesome turnout for this week’s @HashtagSkirmish Game #TerribleGiftsForA4YearOld! We trended #1 in the US and #2 in Canada with nearly 15,000 tweets and nearly 7,500 users playing along so THANK YOU EVERYONE! Join us again on September 16th for our next Skirmish!

Here are a few from some of the best and brightest in our community!

Here is a couple from the father of Thomas Callaway Krautkramer who turned 4 on Thursday September 10th! (And yes… my son’s middle name is my stage name. Did you doubt that I was a megalomaniac before this news?)

And now… Here is our Top10 for Wednesday September 9th’s @HashtagSkirmish Game #TerribleGiftsForA4YearOld!

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