#MillennialMarriageVows via @hashtagskirmish & @JKCallawayYAY: Top Picks


So many funny responses to our last Skirmish #MillennialMarriageVows! We didn’t trend but there were over 2000 tweets and a little over 800 users who played along so THANK YOU EVERYONE! Join us next Wednesday, September 23rd for our next @HashtagSkirmish Game!

Here are some Honorable Mentions from some of the best and brightest in our community!

Here’s one from the newest member of the “Too Old To Bend Down in a Crouching Position for Longer than 30 Seconds” Club… JK Callaway!

And Now… Here is our Top10 for Wednesday September 16th’s @HashtagSkirmish Game #MillennialMarriageVows!

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