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This Thursday isn’t about turkey. It’s about getting together with your loved ones. Your real family or the family you have made for yourself thru out the years. It’s a time to gather round and be thankful for all the gifts that you have. Good health, love, support, and laughter. Sharing these things with the people in your life. We gather around a table and feast on these things to remind us about what we have. To take time and remember those who aren’t that fortunate. So say thanks…….by breaking a turkey’s clavicle bone? Wait……What?!?!?! Even as a child I always thought this tradition was odd. All we ever heard about Thanksgiving was Pilgrims and Indians. How did desecrating the carcass of a bird fit into it? Well, I actually did some digging (ie. Google) and found out the tradition originates all the way back to the Etruscans. They used birds, mainly chickens, to divine the future. The Romans took this and used the birds bones to make their predictions. People would try to get the future THEY wanted so they would make a wish before breaking the Furcula bone. This eventually became known as, you guessed it, the wishbone. This practice moved to Europe and was brought over with the Pilgrims and the traditions survives to this day. Bet you didn’t think there would be a history lesson today huh. This brings us to the week’s “Hashtag, You’re It” which was #BadWishBoneWishes We trended for over an hour and a half in the U.S. Check out the top ten list below and don’t forget to play along next week.

Happy Thanksgiving From @McMannofthepeople

And One From The Host

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