#OppositeATVShow via Hashtag, You’re It!: @McMannofthePeop The Top Picks


I am very much a child of the 80’s. TV was my life. As soon as I got home from school I would plop myself down in front of it til dinner. Saturday mornings were devoted to paying homage to this wonderful magical box. I’d get up, race downstairs in my He-Man pajamas, and watch cartoon after cartoon. I would even read thru the TV Guide to find my favorite shows and see when they were on. For those of you young’uns, before there was a guide right on your TV, us old people had to get a small book delivered to us through the mail to see when TV shows were on. Hell, I was even around before REMOTE CONTROLS!!! I know, I know, it was like living in the stone age! But anyway, TV was my escape, my land of make believe, it’s where i got all my humor from. TV is a big part of all our lives. We learn from it, we grow with it, we may even have our first crush with someone on TV. We even watch history happen on it. The fall of the Berlin Wall, the Challenger explosion, Reagan getting shot. It makes us laugh, cry, gasp, and applaud. It’s really our constant companion thru life. So for this week’s “Hashtag, You’re It” I wanted to have a little fun with it with the hashtag #OppositeATVShow and boy did you guys run with it!!! We started trending just 15 minutes after I dropped the tag! We trended for over 7 hours in the US and the UK and trended in Canada. We even trended for almost 5 hours worldwide. MeTV even got in on the fun and played as well and even made their own list of favorites that you can check out at the bottom of the page. With over 12,000 Tweets to go through you guys really made my job fun. So check out the top 20 below and see you all next week for the next edition of “Hashtag, You’re It”

P.S. A special thanks to all of you that played along with my new hashtag game that I’m co-hosting @TalkieTags. It was a great first game and hope to actually SEE all of you guys playing along there as well

And Some Celebrity Players

And One From Your Host

And We Even Got Picked Up My @USAToday

And @MeTV Made Their Own Top List

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