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One of my favorite shows growing up was “Star Trek: The Next Generation”. They had suck cool technology on there. The Holodeck where you could live out your fantasies. The Replicator that could produce any food a drink you wanted instantly. The Transporter that could send you anywhere you wanted in an instant. All this cool technology that is hundreds of years in the future. But Wait!!!! There is a bit of technology that they had on TNG that we have today! They had a communicator badge, which when you tapped on it, you could ask it a question an get an answer from the computer. We have that now in the form of Siri. That softly spoken voice coming from your iPhone. Ask it anything and it will find, most of the time, the answer you’re looking for. But like most technology we want to use it for it’s unintended purpose. So for this game I asked for a little help from SNL alum and PhD Ellen Cleghorne to discover what ways we can use Siri other than finding the closest route to the gluten free bakery. The game we came up with was #ThingsIWantSiriToSay And BOY did it take off!!!! (maybe with the help of Apple) We trended over 8 hours in the U.S., 7 hours in Canada and the U.K., 11 hours in India, and for almost 7 hours Worldwide! We had to sort thru over 23K entries (that’s why it took so long to get this list out, Sorry) We had some BIG names play this game including Julie Chen, 2 former NFL players, The Mayor of Los Angeles, L’Oreal Paris, TV producer Gale Anne Hurd, Keahu Kahuanui, And even Prince himself!!!! But thanks to everyone that played and a very special thanks to my co-Host Ellen Cleghorne. Now enjoy List below

From The President Of The NAACP

From The Band Heart

From Your Lovely Co-Host

And One From Your Host

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