#BadCampingAdvice via Hashtag, You’re It!: @McMannofthePeop The Top Picks


I have never been what you would call an “Outdoorsy” person. The closest I get to nature is the picture of a forest on my computer’s start up screen. Give me shade, give me air conditioning, and give me refrigeration. I am quite happy to spend my day inside on the computer playing hashtag games. Avoiding sunlight and bugs is what I do best. But there are those among us, crazy as they are, that always wants to “Get Back To Nature”. They WANT to sleep outside. They WANT to catch their own food. They WANT to breath fresh air. *shudder* I will never understand those people. But thankfully I don’t have to. Now for this week’s “Hashtag, You’re It” I wanted to mess with those nature lover’s a little with the hashtag #BadCampingAdvice and you guys did not disappoint. Check out the top ten list below and don’t forget to join me every Tuesday at 11 am EDT for the next “Hashtag, You’re It”

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