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Little white lies. Those innocuous small fibs that we tell all the time. Maybe it’s to spare someone’s feelings, or to get out of a conversation quicker, or just a tiny half truth to make yourself feel better. We all do it. Maybe that’s why they are called “white” lies. They are innocent, pure, and without malice. But tell enough of them and when does the “white” start to get a little grey? When do little lie lies just turn into lying? We learn to lie at a very early age. We do something wrong and get caught and our first instinct is to say “It Wasn’t Me”. We grow a little older and our lies become more elaborate. After a while we might even believe our own lies. And therein lies the danger. When you do something so much it becomes second nature to us and we usually don’t even know we are doing it. We might get so good at it that we could make a career out of it …*cough*…*cough*…politicians….*cough* But I digress, if we all have those lies that are so ingrained in us I wanted to know what they are. So for this week’s “Hashtag, You’re It” I asked you to confess your digressions with the hashtag #LiesIveToldALot and it must have been very therapeutic for you guys because I got over 14.5K tweets. We trended in the US and the UK. So now I know certain things to look out for when I hear them. Check out the top ten list below and don’t forget to join me every Tuesday at 10 am EDT for the next “Hashtag, You’re It”……and that’s the Truth!

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