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Normally I start these intros out with a little funny paragraph or two telling you a little bit about this week’s hashtag. Well this week’s hashtag was #MyIdeaOfFlirtingIs and after reading thru an AMAZING 27.8K of your guy’s tweets let me just say one simple thing…………I Am Amazed The Human Race Reproduces At ALL!!!!!!!!! Now anyone that knows me knows that I am awkward at best in social situations. Put me in a large group and I just feel out of place. Maybe that’s why I thrive so on the internet. But add the social awkwardness into a situation of a possible romantic interlude, forget it. Stammering, stuttering, blushing, tripping over my own tongue, completely forgetting how to my own body. Flirting is NOT my forte, and after reading all your guys tweets, it’s not yours as well. Reading people is hard. We’re taught at a very early age to beware of people we don’t know. There is stranger danger in the unknown. Our society barely interacts on any real human connection anymore with most every day to day activity being done online. So human interaction is somewhat foreign to us. We try to play it off by being cool and aloof about it. Now add into that social naivete the element of possible courtship and we just shut down. Oh sure, there are those select few who make going up to strangers and hitting on them look easy. They suck! For us mere mortals it is much harder. So after trending for over 9 hours with this tag it’s very apparent that you guys mainly feel the way I do. Normal human interaction is hard, putting yourself out there is hard, facing the fear of rejection is hard, reading body language is hard, doing your taxes if hard. I don’t know what that last one has to do with anything but hey……someone smiled at me and my brain just stopped working. So while I down another drink to get up the courage to go talk to them why don’t you read the top list below and don’t forget to join me every Tuesday at 11 am EDT for the next “Hashtag, You’re It”

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