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We’ve all heard the term no pain no gain. So I did a little research (I go the extra mile for you guys) and found that that term came in to prominence after Jane Fonda’s 1982 workout video. Aaaahhh, The 80s, wind swept warmers and leotards we’re at their height. Working out has always been the rage but now there’s even more different workouts, diet fads, and trends for you to try. Whether it be “Jazzercise”, “Sweating To The Oldies”, PX 90, Jennie Craig, or South Beach it’s all there for you to get thin, buff and rock hard. Little surprised that as the rise in workout routines and videos has increased so also has the obesity epidemic in America. They are in direct correlation to each other. More and more advertising shows thin young muscular people in their ads. But with new technology we now have a more sedimentary lifestyle. Sitting at a desk all day and then going home and watching Netflix on the couch Will not give us the washboard abs that we desire. So whether it be New Year’s resolution driven or not we try our best to work out. And guess what…………..IT’S HARD!!!!! There’s a reason why so few of us look like bodybuilders. They spend all of their time at the gym and then just having a piece of lettuce for dinner. That is not how we want to live our lives. It takes dedication and years to get to the body that we want. But we still soldier on on the treadmill hoping to shed away those few extra pounds from our belly. We’ve all gone to the gym. Some of us for maybe only a week before quitting. But we’ve all been there. But let’s not give up on the good fight. It’s hard and we all know it so for this week’s “Hashtag, You’re It” I wanted us to commiserate with each other on how hard it really is with the hashtag #MyThoughtsWhileWorkingOut So let’s STOP THE INSANITY and checkout the top list below. And don’t forget to join me every Tuesday at 11 AM EDT for the next “Hashtag, You’re It”

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