#ZombieDrunkTexts via Hashtag, You’re It!: @McMannofthePeop The Top Picks


I get it. Life is rough sometimes. Wether it be pressures at work, money troubles, or family issues. Every now and then we need a chance to unwind. Blow off some steam. For most of us that includes alcohol. Ok, lots of alcohol! With the advancements in technology we also all have something in our pockets that can get us in lots of trouble when mixed with booze. Cell phones. When our vision starts to get blurry and our heads start to swim we think it’s a good idea to take out our phones and begin to text. It never ends well. And after the zombie apocalypse we may be dead, but our cell phones won’t be. A zombie’s life is just as hard and tedious as ours so they need to unwind just like us. Oh sure, it may be more Bloody Mary but the alcohol still effects the same way. So for this week’s “Hashtag, You’re It” I asked you guys the question of what the recent undead might text while intoxicated with the hashtag #ZombieDrunkTexts. You guys really racked your Braaaaaaiiinnnsss and came up with some great answers. So check out the list below and don’t forget to join me next Tuesday for the next “Hashtag, You’re It”

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