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I am going to do something that I normally don’t do. I am going to defend clowns. Now I know what you’re going to say but hear me out. Clowns have a VERY tough time now a days. Clowns have been around in some form or another since ancient Greece! They started out in plays where they were the buffoon or “rustic” character. Then in traditional Italy “Commedia dell’Arte” they started getting the looks and manners that we know today as modern clowns. Even up until the mid 1800’s being a clown was a respected profession. Joesph Grimaldi was a French clown who was know the world over for his “sad clown” antics. He is quoted as saying that he named his character Grimaldi because he himself is “Grim All Day”. The real rise to fame here in America came during the Great Depression when traveling circuses were at their peak. Large and rinky-dink circuses would travel from city to city, performing where ever they could. Circus clowns were mostly used to entertain the crowds between different acts. Some clowns like Emmet Kelly rose to national prominence. But the fun times would not last for the grease paint crowd. With the advent of television attendance to circuses all but dried up. Even “The Greatest Show On Earth”, Ringling Brothers & Barnum And Bailey Circus had it’s last show this year before shutting down. WGN’s “The Bozo Show” was popular in the 70’s but even that had it’s last show in 2001. But there were 2 big nails on the brightly painted clown coffin that were still to come. The first came in 1978 with the arrest of KFC manager and contractor John Wayne Gacy. Everyone will know the famous picture of the 34 time serial killer dressed as a clown. The second blow came in 1986 when Stephen King published his mega best seller “It” about a demonic clown terrorizing a small New England town. The era of the creepy clown was here! It becames so bad that there is even a classification for the fear of clowns: Coulrophobia. Clowns, as a harmless painted buffoon throwing confetti from buckets, were a thing of the past. So it’s very understandable that clowns now a days have a hard time. It’s difficult to be a clown when you really just want to make a child laugh but all they do is scream and run away from you. So what else can you do but drink. This leads me to this week’s “Hashtag, You’re It”. If a clown gets drunk what could happen? So this week’s hashtag was #ClownDrunkTexts. Check out the top list below and don’t forget to join me every Tuesday at 11 am EDT for the next Pie In Face funny “Hashtag, You’re It”

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