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Fun fact to start off this week’s game’s top list……John Kellogg invented Corn Flakes as a anti-masturbation food. Yup, that bland cereal that your grandfather enjoys is to help you keep from whacking it. Kellogg believed that meat, spicy, or flavorful foods stirred up the sexual desires in people. He invented corn flakes as a stop to that. At that time it had no sugar coating (that was put there later by his brother when he first started The Kellogg Cereal Company). If you really want to go down a rabbit hole of messed up just look into the life of John Kellogg. He, shall we say, was “interesting” to say the least. A proud Seven Day Adventist that ran the Battle Creek Sanitarium he believed that sex, especially masturbation, was wrong. He never even consummated the marriage with his wife. He thought yogurt enemas were the wave of the future. I won’t even go into the lengths he proposed to stop children from touching themselves. It’s not a pretty picture. Well, i bring all this up so the next time your having a bowl of cereal stop and think about that. Puts a little damper on your shredded wheat doesn’t it. Or maybe it’s more of a cereal devoted to children. You know that “part of a balanced breakfast” lie we’ve been handed. Notice in those pictures they always have tons of other stuff along with that cereal. A pitcher of orange juice, 3 apples, toast, eggs, bacon, and a gallon of milk. All of those things are meant to distract you from the fact that most cereal is nothing but sugar. And the most obvious form of that is in those little marshmallow bits they try to sneak into every cereal now a days. Don’t get me wrong. I fell for it s a kid. Who didn’t go to the store with their mother and NOT plead for a box of Lucky Charms. We could still to this day list off all the shapes and colors of those hard as hell little marshmallow bits. But as we grow older we realize hat…..”huh, maybe cubes of condensed sugar isn’t the best way to start off my day”. But we still look back fondly of that cereal. But what could have made it worse? That’s where you guys came in with the hashtag #BadLuckyCharmsMarshmallows. There were some great entries and we even trended #4 in the U.S. So pour yourself a big heaping bowl of cereal (don’t touch yourself) and check out the top list below and don’t forget to join me every Tuesday at 11 am EDT for “Hashtag, You’re It”

And One From SNL Alum Kenan Thmopson

And One From Stand Up Comedian Dane Cook

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