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Wine has been around for thousands and thousands of years dating back to around 7000 B.C. It’s been an important part of many different civilizations for numerous reason. Either being part of religious ceremonies, cultural events, or just basic agricultural necessity. Wine has played a major part of humanities evolution. Now when I was a young child I saw wine as something that only fancy rich people drank. Sophisticated parties where snotty people talked about wether to have the red wine with steak or the white wine with chicken or fish. Wine hadn’t really come to the common man yet. But like all good things it now has. Wine is much more a common staple in every one’s life. Advancements in agriculture and newer markets opening up has made wine much more common. People can now have a choice of which wines then drink. It’s not just red or white any more. You can choose from a light crisp Pino Noir with hints of cherry and vanilla all the way to a big bold Carmenere with hints of leather and tobacco….All For About The Same Price! The choice is now ours. The wine aisle in super markets are now huge. Filled to the brim with so many different kinds of wines all vying for your attention. Sometimes it get a little overwhelming though. How do you pick? Do you choose the one with the cute picture of a dog doing a handstand or the one with the cool label that has a 3D image on it? Will you like this $30 dollar Cabernet or this $9 Shiraz? So many way to choose. But there are some that it’s obvious NOT to pick. They are usually on the bottom shelf and are priced under $3. Those you can be pretty sure not to get. Wine with strange ingredients. Weird locations. Strange locations (Hoboken?…..didn’t even know there was a winery there) Or sometimes it’s just a really bad name that will tell you if it’s a bad wine or not. And that brings us to this week’s “Hashtag, You’re It” to help weed out these suspect wines here a handy guide for avoiding wines with these names because this week’s hashtag was #BadNamesForWines and boy did you guys come up with some doozies! The game trended in the U.K., went up to #4 in Canada, and even trended TWICE in the U.S.!!! So pop open that bottle of 2 Buck Chuck, sit back, relax, and read the top list below. Don’t forget to join me every Tuesday at 11 am EDT for the next Intoxicating episode of “Hashtag, You’re It”

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