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In the summer of 1982 Tobe Hooper revolutionized the haunted house genre when he released his movie “Poltergeist”. No longer were hauntings just in creepy old abandoned mansion that if you were smart enough you could just never go to. Now hauntings can happen anywhere! You think you’re safe in your lovely new two story semi detached home at the end of a cul-de-csac in the middle of suburbia? Nope! Ghosts can still get you there! To me “Poltergeist” has a special place in my heart because for the first 45 minutes or so of the film it’s just a Slice Of Life of the Freeling family. They were living their normal southern California lives. Dad having friends over to watch the game with beers, kids playing in the street, the dry brown mountains in the distance. Now I lived in southern California at the time so to me it all seemed like it was just happening on the next street over. Ghost just terrorizing this family that look like they could be my neighbors. And not just terrorizing them, but stealing their child, sending boy eating trees after them, making a man think he was ripping his own face off, creating tennis ball spitting portals in their living room, making corpse filled pools, and rearranging chairs onto a table. This ghost knew exactly what it was that would frighten these people. Really, they should teach a master class in the after life on how to properly scare the shit out of the living. It wasn’t just banging doors or rattling chains, it was full on terror. Enough that it even turned the mom’s hair grey. The ghost utilized the family’s basest fears to maximize the frights. They knew exactly what scares them and the best way to use it against them. (let’s not even TALK about the braces scene in the sequel) But not every ghost has a creepy preacher man that knows the best way to spook people. Sometimes ghosts just have to go with the best they can do. It may not be popping coffins out of the ground to stop the family from getting away but gosh darn it they do try. So that brings us to this week’s “Hashtag, You’re It” which was #LameWaysToHauntSomeone and it trended for over 6 hours in the U.S. and Canada. Now, you don’t start off a Master Ghoster. You have to come from humble origins and learn the Do’s and Don’ts of the ghosting world. So check out the top list below and when your time comes to spook the living maybe you can avoid some of these lame haunting tactics. And don’t forget to join me every Tuesday at 11 am EDT for the next frighteningly good episode of “Hashtag, you’re It”

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