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Back in the early 1980’s was when Black Friday shopping really started to catch on. Retailers called it that because during the fiscal year this was the first time that they turned a profit, so instead of being in “the red” they were now in “the black”. But that’s a lie! If you think about it rationally it doesn’t make any sense. How could a company be losing money for 11 months and only make any profit in December and still be a functioning company! December would have to be the best frickin’ month of sales ever. Imagine owning a company that had only one month a year where you made any money. It would be nerve-racking. During the 80′ when Black Friday was being much more well known, retailers didn’t like the original connotation of the term Black Friday so they came up with that definition which most people still believe to this day. The first use of the term Black Friday actually came from Philadelphia around 1951. For centuries, the term Black was used in a negative connotation usually meaning a calamity or disaster. For example, when the stock market crashed causing The Great Depression it was known as Black Tuesday. So in Philadelphia the news papers, when describing the influx of cars and the nuisance of extra pedestrians in the city the day after Thanksgiving, they called it Black Friday. The term stuck. But fast forward 30 years to the 80’s and retailers didn’t like that definition so they changed it. Now Black Friday has become the deal finding, all day bargain hunting, marathon door buster, shop til you drop…then get trampled to death event that it has become. Forget that you just spent the previous day being thankful for what you have, you have get up at the crack of dawn, wait in a 3 mile line, just to hip check an old lady out of the way so you can get that 15% off that salad shooter that aunt Carol would just love. But before we totally lose the last lingering shred of our humanity to Black Friday Doorbuster deals, lets take some time to go over some tips that will help you survive the holiday season. So this week’s “Hashtag, You’re It” was #BlackFridayDosAndDonts I received over 1300 tweets so I cherry picked the best ones for you guys to look thru and who knows, some of these might make your shopping madness not seem so crazy. So check out the top list below and don’t forget to join me every Tuesday for the next episode of “Hashtag, you’re It”

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