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So, I’m a child of the 80’s. That means two things. I spend all of my time playing Nintendo or watching TV. So besides knowing the Konami Code by heart I also know a great deal about TV shows. Some would say it was a wasted youth, personally I’d just look at them and then cut my eye line to camera 3 then walk out of the room while incidental music played in the background. Cut to interior, my room, tight close up of me as I walk in the room and fling myself on the bed. Cue audience reaction of “awes”. Wait…..sorry, I got into a whole thing there with writing the script for my TV show. But come on, haven’t we all thought about having our own show at some point in our lives! Some people might want a cooking show where they teach people how to make healthy and delicious meals for their family. Or some might want a gritty cop drama where they always get the bad guy in the end. And some might want a kids show to help children learn and develop. Me, I’ve always wanted a sitcom life. Something in the way of a mash up between “The Golden Girls” and “Night Court”. Ah, that would be the life for me. Witty remarks, overt sexual innuendo, whacky situations, and people who could actually take a joke and have it roll off their backs. But what would your TV show be like? What genre would you pick? What network would you pitch it to? Who would you cast as the lead? And what would you do to make it all crash down around you? So many factors go into why a show gets canceled. Ratings is the most commonly sighted reason for a show going off the air but there are so many more reasons in the background of why as well. Maybe there were in fightings between the director and stars of the show, or a few episodes were a little too risqué for the sponsors and they pulled their funding, or the star was caught in a sexual abuse scandal and was fired. But you’ve had this vision in your head of a TV show your whole life! So what was it that brought it down? That’s what I asked in this week’s “Hashtag, You’re It” with the hashtag #MyTVShowWasCanceledBecause It trended after only 20 minutes and was the #4 trend in the U.S. and The U.K. With almost 4000 responses you guys gave this a lot of thought. So check out the top list below and don’t forget to join me every Tuesday for the next exciting episode of “Hashtag, You’re It”

p.s. I got a lot of flack for my spelling of canceled. It even had me doubting if i had a spelling mistake in my hashtag (it’s happened before) so I looked it up wether it was spelled Canceled or Cancelled. Well, BOTH are correct! the one L version is the American way of spelling it with the two L version being more of a British spelling. Either spelling is fine and if you still have a problem with my spelling of it you can take it up with Noah Webster back in 1898

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