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With the rise of modern technology also come the rise of modern technology problems. The hacking of the iCloud to get celebrity nudes. Revenge porn becoming a thing. You lose your Netflix when your ex changes their password. Microwaves are spying on you in your hotel. Picking a new password requires you to have one with a capitol letter, 2 symbols, 4 numbers, a quotation from “Moby Dick”, and the hypotenuse of a 45º triangle. But the one problem that modern technology has brought us that effects us on a daily, and in some cases hourly, basis is Autocorrect. The very first modern “Text Message” was sent December 3rd 1992 and it was simply “Merry Christmas”. I remember on my first cell phone I still had to use the T9 to text. For you young ones that means if I wanted to type the letter L I had to hit the 5 button 3 times. So if I wanted to type the word “Love” I would have to hit 11 buttons to do it. You can understand why shorthand text became so popular. OMG, LOL, OMW, BRB, and things like that just saved us SOOOO much time. But since the first text we’ve had 26 years to advance this technology. And in steps Autocorrect. The idea is sound enough. Help those that might have a poor time spelling or typing get to the right word. But predictive text is a bit of a slow and cumbersome technology that hasn’t advanced to the point where it’s perfect yet. As a population we are getting more and more of a text based communication society. I so rarely get an actual call on my phone. It’s all done on text now so we have all developed a really ambidextrous pair of thumbs. Our fingers move so fast over that full keyboard on your phone that sometimes it looks like a blur of opposable thumbs. But that AI in our phone can’t keep up with the flurry of finger tips hitting the keys in rapid succession so it’s has to…..shall we say, Improvise what it thinks we mean to type. Sometimes to hilarious results and some to very embarrassing results when we didn’t check the text before we sent a now very dirty text to our boss. So listen up Apple, we don’t need a better camera, we need a better Autocorrect. Teach it some dirty words. Cuss words would be great! Maybe teach it grammar as well. Have it understand context. Or have a button that we can turn on sexting mode. Then we can turn it off so no dirty things can be sent when texting friends and family. But for now we have to deal with a slow antiquated Autocorrect that still doesn’t listen to us. That’s why this week’s “Hashtag, You’re It” is #WhyAutoCorrectCanKissMyBass I wanted to hear those stories of how your phone can piss you off over a few simple word changes. So check out the top list below and don’t forget to join m every Tuesday at 11 am EDT for the next exciting episode of “Hashtag, You’re It”

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