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Since the mid 80’s yoga has really become a staple in the lives of Americans. It was estimated that in 2011 over 20 million people did yoga. Now that’s a lot of yoga pants! Some people do it for the exercise. Some do it for the flexibility. Some do it for the meditation. Some do it because it reminds them of taking naps on mats back in kindergarten. Ok, maybe not that last one but today yoga is everywhere. It’s been popular here in the states for almost 50 years so it’s not a fad. It’s not another Jazzercise or Thighmaster or Shakeweight. Yoga has been bending people into odd positions for thousands of years. Not much has changed in the basics of yoga either. I mean hell, the only thing that we have done to it is turn up the thermostat and call it Hot Yoga. The exercise and flexibility aspects of yoga are really just secondary to the spiritual side of yoga. It’s main purpose is meditation. Yoga is meant to help center you spiritually and mentally. Inner peace is a real goal in yoga. Tantra yoga employs the use of what is called a mantra to help induce an altered state of consciousness. It is usually a word or phrase repeated over and over again in one’s mind as a tool to block out all other influences. The most common mantra is Om. So as more and more of us newbies to yoga try it out for the first time we might no do it correctly. No one obtains inner peace at the first attempt. We might not get the poses correct. We might fall asleep during a particularly long session. Or our mantra might not be the best for reaching enlightenment. So that brings me to this week’s “Hashtag, You’re It” which was #BadYogaMantras With yoga mat sales skyrocketing why not help those of us that haven’t done it before do it right. So check out the top list below and don’t forget to join me every Tuesday at 11 am EDT for the next Om inducing episode of “Hashtag, You’re It”

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