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Do you remember when you were a kid and you lent your favorite toy to one of your friends? You had a little bit of a trust issue going on. That was your favorite He-Man action figure. They better treat it right and return it to you in pristine order! Luckily he did otherwise Andy was never going to be able to play with your transformer EVER! But now think about lending someone an even bigger. No I don’t mean like your Castle Greyskull play center, I mean some thing bigger! Like a car, or heavy equipment, or say an apartment. Renting a car or a carpet cleaner is usually only a few days. But an apartment is for a year or more! Plus you don’t tend of live in a carpet cleaner for said year. An apartment is a home. It gets wear and tear. So you can understand why a landlord might be a little apprehensive to handing over the keys to the apartment he just put new appliances and countertop into. So to help calm their fears, and relax their wallet, you give them a security deposit. A large sum of money that they hold for you in exchange for you returning the apartment in pristine order. If there is damage or repairs that need to be done as a result of your actions you forfeit that money. Simple. Buuuuuuut, life is never that simple. Life is messy. Life is complicated. And life sometimes leaves large holes in the wall. Wether it be broken windows, or a burnt hole in the carpet, or a pet chewing up a cabinet, or the hole in the ceiling left by the microwave you drunkenly put a metal pot into you can just say goodbye to that security deposit. But enough about me….. how did you lose your security deposit? That’s what I asked in this week’s “Hashtag, You’re It”. I wanted to know what you did you have that money taken away from you. What did you leave behind in that apartment that turned your landlords face white? So that’s why this week’s game was #HowILostMySecurityDeposit So check out the top list below so maybe YOU could avoid these actions and get your money back after the lease runs out

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