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So here’s something that I learned this week, the poem “Roses Are Red” dates back all the way to 1590. We’ve been using that poem for over 400 years! I think it has to do with a simple ABCB rhyming pattern that makes it so accessible for kids to write it on construction paper Valentine’s cards that they’ll give to their very first crush. The poem harkens us back to a simpler time when love was simple. Roses are red…..yup, that checks out. So far this poem is speaking the truth. Violets are blue…..huh, not really. I mean the color of the plant is right there in the name but I guess they can be a bit blueish so we can just over look that one. Sugar is sweet…..ok yeah, I’m back on board now. Sugar IS sweet. and tasty too! And so are you…….AWE, see it brought it back around to make us smile. We are sweet. Everything about this poem is a loving tribute to the simplistic side of romance. And it’s easy to remember because it only has 13 words in it and it only rhymes twice. There’s nothing complex about it. When you think about the poem you can just picture it written in crayon on a red heart with a white lace doily border. Simplicity. Buuuuut, like so much else that doesn’t age well as we do, love isn’t that simple. Roses ARE red, but they are really expensive. Violets AREN’T blue, but we’re already into lying. Sugar IS sweet, but it makes us fat and gives us diabetes. And so are YOU, sounds like a threat. *sigh* Now I’ve bummed myself out. How about this, it’s been over 400 years. Maybe the poem needs a make over! Why not bring this little ditty into the new millennium. So for this week’s “Hashtag, You’re It” I asked you guys for #NewEndingsToRosesAreRed and BOY did you guys agree with me. This one really struck a nerve with everyone on twitter because this tag trended to #1 in the United States and even went to the #5 spot WORLDWIDE! I had almost 6000 tweets to go thru. Even The Cheesecake Factory, Nestle Tollhouse Cookies, Chili’s, Penn State, and the video game The Oregon Trail played along. So please, if you ARE sweet, check out the top list below, and don’t forget to join me every Tuesday at 11 AM EDT for the next exciting episode of “Hashtag, You’re It”

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