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You know, each week I sit here at my computer and write out a long introduction for each of my game’s top lists. It takes me about 45 to an hour to write, edit, and publish them. Well this week I’m not really feeling it. It’s the holiday season, I’m at work a lot, there are just a lot of things pulling me in different directions so I’m just tired. So for this week’s introduction I’m just going to be lazy about it. I won’t look up interesting facts about the topic. I won’t think of clever ways to bring up the topic. I won’t even use any quotes prevalent to the topic. I’m just going to be lazy and do nothing. Just sit here on the couch in my pajamas and veg out for a little bit. Yup, lazy is the way to go. Who needs to be constantly on the go? No one, that’s who. Take things easy. Actually no, don’t take things easy. Don’t even take them at all! Just be lazy. Like me! See I’m not even writing a long introduction to this week’s game which was #TheBestLazyDaysInclude. Stay under a blanket all day, have pizza delivered, and nap constantly. That’s really the best way to spend your time. So be more like me and be lazy. Look at me, I’m being lazy right now. I’m not even writing an introduction for this week’s top list!


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