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The character of Santa Claus can be dated back to almost 200 A.D. Now that’s a long time to be a bachelor living alone at the North Pole with dozens of little elves running around. It isn’t until 1849 that there is even a slight mention of Mrs. Claus. There IS a small mention of her again in 1854 in a Christmas Musical at the State Lunatic Asylum in Utica, New York. (no really, look it up) I very much enjoy finding little nuggets of history like that when I do the research for these introductions. Odd facts and weird bits of history make everything more real to me. Human kind is crazy and it’s nice to see that some of those peculiar things have made it thru to modern times. It’s nice to know things like that, especially in regards to Mrs. Claus herself. So much of the notion of Mrs. Claus is a mystery. They’ve only been married for less 200 hundred years and for immortal beings that’s like still being newlyweds! Where did she come from? Where did they meet? What’s her first name! None of that is canon anywhere in the Santa Claus mythos. She is a mysterious figure standing right behind Santa. What does she do all day? Is she the one really running the North Pole while he just sits there getting fat? We’d all like to know more about this woman. We’ve all heard the saying “Behind Every Great Man, There Is An Even Greater Woman” and if that’s true what a truly fantastic figure Mrs. Claus must be! So let’s bring her forward into the spotlight and give her the recognition she so truly deserves with the hashtag #LittleKnownFactsAboutMrsClaus. And I wasn’t the only one with a desire to know more about this woman because this hashtag trended to the #7 spot in the U.S. and even trended worldwide for almost 5 hours. So check out the top list below and don’t forget to join me every Tuesday at 11 am EDT for the next Naughty/Nice episode of “Hashtag, You’re It”

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