How To Search For A Tweet: Checking For Duplicates


Hashtag 101: When engaging in Hashtag Wars you will find that certain games lend themselves to a lot of repeats. It comes down to common thinking when reviewing the most common responses. To make a list you need to be the first person to have tweeted your idea. So be sure to do a quick search before tweeting.

What is the benefit to searching?

The main benefit is that you want to be unique. Or at least the first with your idea.

For example, a recent tag #RoughUpARomCom

An example response was: When Dirty Harry Met Sally #RoughUpARomCom

Few things to note:
1. There is a certain number of RomComs that are most commonly know. These will be tweeted, “roughed up” early.
2. In the above example ‘Harry’ can become icon ‘Dirty Harry’ and that roughs it up! This is a great combination of 2 popular culture movies – brilliant!

In this real life scenario enough people tweeted ‘When Dirty Harry Met Sally’ that that phrase itself trended for a brief period of time.

Why? Because no one looked to see if someone else had already tweeted their idea.

How do you Search?

Whether you are using an App or the Web find the search box:

Screen Shot 2015-03-15 at 7.47.46 PM

When you search you always want to include:
1. the hashtag
2. key words from your idea

So in the example above I would search the string:
#RoughUpARomCom Harry Sally

This will return any other tweets using that hashtag and the words ‘Harry’ and ‘Sally’. You do not want to search the exact phrase because you may miss tweets.

The other key thing to note is:
When you do a search the results are categorized under ‘TOP or TOP Tweets’ and you need to click ‘ALL or ALL Tweets.’

If you do not click ALL you will not receive enough information to determine if you are actually the first person with your idea. The TOP filter limits the results dramatically.

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