#Spotlight on: @RobynDwoskin


As part of an ongoing series we’ll be getting to know members of the Hashtag Community. Today’s Spotlight is on @RobynDwoskin

1. What is the story behind your twitter handle?

It’s a long story. When my parents had me they named me Robyn. That name stuck with me pretty much my whole life. After I got married my last name changed and by the time I joined Twitter my name was Robyn Dwoskin. To this day my parents can’t find me on Twitter.

2. How long have you been on Twitter?

I joined in 2009.

3. How long have you been playing hashtag games?

Actually I just started. My husband @bigmacher plays them all the time. As I’ve become more involved with @thehashtaggame and @hashtagroundup I’ve started to play more and more. Tons of fun!

4. When did you know you were addicted to twitter?

I’m not sure I’m addicted just yet. I’m heading down the path. Ask me again in 3 days.

5. What does nobody know about you? (until now)

I’m married to @bigmacher. I really love Pinterest. Ladies follow me: http://pinterest.com/dancinmom333 I pin tons of great meals. I have a promotions background and I love yoga.

7. A Few Of My Personal Own Favorite Tweets

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