#Spotlight on: @ManSizedThumbs


As part of an ongoing series we’ll be getting to know members of the Hashtag Community. Today’s Spotlight is on @ManSizedThumbs

1. What is the story behind your twitter handle?

Like everyone else, I mostly use my phone to tweet and I have big hands, with big thumbs and I make a lot it typos.

2. How long have you been on Twitter?

Since May 6, 2009 at exactly 1:41 p.m. (I looked it up)

3. How long have you been playing hashtag games?

Probably since @midnight came on the air.

4. When did you know you were addicted to twitter?

I knew I was hardcore addicted to Twitter when I literally didn’t get one thing done in two days at work because of twitter.

5. What does nobody know about you? (until now)

I once gave the drummer of Bare Naked Ladies shit for being Canadian…and I was hammered.

6. A Few Of My Personal Own Favorite Tweets

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