#ExplainParadiseIn4Words via Hashtag Shenanigans: The Top Picks


Alright Alright Alright hashtaggers it’s summer time and I, along with our cohost Crazy Dog T-shirts wanted to know how you would #ExplainParadiseIn4Words. We’d like to think it involves pantsless tweeting and the Hashtag RoundUp app. Upon launching the game you guys started breaking into the twitter trends at 14 minutes! That’s definitely our new record and we know it’s because you guys are all about the Shenanigans with the new Hashtag Roundup app. We heard from all over the world yesterday reaching countries like Germany, Pakistan and even EGYPT! You guys are taking hash tagging to the next level and we thank you for joining us this week!
Even Business Insider wrote an article on how epic this game was.
#ExplainParadiseIn4Words in Business Insider.

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After searching through well over 40k tweets we narrowed it down to just 10! Congrats everyone and tune in again for next weeks game. Special congrats to Holly Happily @HollyOrange8, Ken Rodriguez-Reed @krodNM, and The Girl In Glasses @xGirlinGlassesx for winning free t-shirts from Crazy Dog T-Shirts for your #ExplainParadiseIn4Words tweets!

Daaawwwwwwwwwwwwwww Heart Melted

Its time to run around the house naked.

I knew it! No clothes are needed in paradise.

Please! We can start a petition on change.org

Who let the dogs out. 😎

That’d be awesome!


Let your freak flags fly high & never change who you are! Be you.



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