#DescribeFreedom via Hashtag Shenanigans: The Top Picks


On this week’s round of @HashtagShenani we had cohost Robyn Dwoskin.


Alright Alright Alright it’s summer time and July 4th is right around the corner, so this week we asked twitter how would you #DescribeFreedom. Apparently most of the world describes freedom as being pant- less. We had such a blast hosting along side Robyn Dwoskin this week as she has become the ultimate hashtagger since getting wrapped up in this amazing community. Robyn is the woman behind the screen who day in and out tackles all of the hashtag roundup schedules as well as playing all of our games and retweeting like crazy! Plus she deals with life as a mother, a dog mom, and a wife who is married to a stand up comic. Can we please get a round of applause for her? Big thanks to all of you guys who came out and played!

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Congrats to the top 10 list this week as you guys had the best of the best for #DescribeFreedom! We’ll see you again next week for a new round of shenanigans.

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After searching through well over 40k tweets we narrowed it down to just 10! Congrats everyone and tune in again for next weeks game. Special congrats to Holly Happily @HollyOrange8, Ken Rodriguez-Reed @krodNM, and The Girl In Glasses @xGirlinGlassesx for winning free t-shirts from Crazy Dog T-Shirts for your #ExplainParadiseIn4Words tweets!

Special thanks to some of the other hashtag hosts for joining us in this great game!

Tweets from the team.

Our Host

&&&&& This Week’s Cohost Robyn Dwoskin

Tune in next Wednesday when we have CoHosts: Stand Up Comedian & Podcaster Eric Schwartz along with CrazyDogTShirts! Three lucky hashtaggers will win free tees and get featured on this magical top 10 list for all bragging rights!

Cohost July 1st

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