Hashtag Roundup Gaming App for IOS & Android Smartphones


Hashtag Roundup Gaming App Now Available for Apple and Android Smartphones

WEST BLOOMFIELD, Mich. (June 26, 2015) —Hashtag Roundup LLC is formally launching a free app to host, curate, consolidate, and share the very best hashtag games on Twitter. The Hashtag Roundup app, now available for Apple and Android, provides game alerts, peer-to-peer awards, and exclusive leader boards to serve the rapidly expanding global hashtag gaming community. Hashtag Roundup is the leading creator, promoter, and aggregator of hashtag games in the US, Canada, and UK, with a cumulative weekly reach now exceeding 100 million Twitter users.

Hashtag games are word games where Twitter users contribute often clever or funny responses to a common theme. For example, a recent game promoted by Hashtag Roundup was #4BestWordsEver, and contributions included tweets like “Open bar, free food” (@2p2TrollCat), “School is finally out” (@trjx1d), “Mom got us pizza” (@Broganza16), and “You’re the best mommy” (@darksidedeb). Brands get in the game as well, with submissions like “We’re going to Universal” (@UniversalORL), “No soup for you!” (@Seinfeldtv) and “a dozen original glazed” (@krispykreme). The “winners” are the ones with the most retweets and favorites. Hashtag games provide a fun diversion and creative outlet for individual consumers and a marketing channel for big brands.

Hashtag Roundup recruits comedians and Twitter celebrities to host and create games. Consumers download the app in order to see what games are running and what the best responses are. Hashtag Roundup shares both original games and trending games on Twitter.

Hashtag Roundup is a joint venture of @TheHashtagGame and @absrdNEWS. In February 2012, @theHashtagGame was launched by Scott Fischler (@fastlaugh) and quickly established itself as the leading 24/7 hub of hashtag gaming. Meanwhile, @absrdNEWS and absrdCOMEDY.com were launched in February 2014 by Jeff Dwoskin (@bigmacher), immediately gaining recognition and followers for its sharp news parody and frequent, funny Top Ten Lists. Fischler and Dwoskin, both comedians, joined forces in 2014 to jointly develop the Hashtag Roundup app for iOS and Android. Hashtag Roundup delivers a consistently great Twitter experience, with engaging hashtag games and hosts.

“We love watching the hilarious and creative answers our fellow Twitter users come up with in hashtag games, but as hashtag addicts ourselves, we struggled to keep track of all the games, and all the responses,” said Jeff Dwoskin, founder of absrdCOMEDY.com.

“Hashtag gaming is rapidly becoming a significant marketing vehicle for brands, celebrities, major league sports teams… even political candidates. All are now frequently playing our games, and recognizing the massive positive exposure to new audiences that hashtag gaming provides,” said Scott Fischler, founder of @TheHashtagGame.

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About Hashtag Roundup

Founded as a joint venture of @TheHashtagGame and absrdCOMEDY.com, Hashtag Roundup, LLC is a pioneer in the development of hashtag gaming apps for iOS and Android. The Hashtag Roundup app is the premier aggregator, curator, and publicity engine for hashtag games on Twitter, and is currently available for free in the app store. Learn more at www.HashtagRoundup.com

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App Download links
iPhone/iPad https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/hashtag-roundup/id985741893?ls=1&mt=8
Android https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.touchtitans.hashtag_roundup

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