#MyLifeCouldUseMore via Hashtag Shenanigans: The Top Picks


Alright Alright Alright This week was an absolute blast with you guys! On @HashtagShenani this week we had two great cohosts @BillFowlerJokes & @YrIdol_JKenn. We asked players to tell us what #MyLifeCouldUseMore of and the responses were quite brilliant and alarming. We stayed entertained by your answers for hours! We would like to mention this game was completely inspired by you got it….the constant need for more COWBELL. We’ve had such a great time with shenanigans on twitter and the Hashtag RoundUp app that we just launched on Facebook and Instagram so be sure to check out both. Beginning next week when we have Crazy Dog T-Shirts cohosting not only will we continue to select three random players from each game for FREE T-Shirts , we will also be selecting ONE face booker user with the best post using our tag AND one instagrammer with the best photo using our tag as well on game days! We just tripled your chance of winning free prizes. Also Crazy Dog T-Shirts is the first official sponsor of Hashtag Shenanigans so be sure to say hi! Thank you again to everyone who came out & showed support to yesterday’s game we had a blast with you guys. My ribcage hurts from laughing. Congrats to the epic top 10 for #MyLifeCouldUseMore because we found you to have the best ideas on twitter! Be sure to play through the HashtagRoundUp app for points, golden hashtags and bragging rights!

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Who doesn’t love freebies?!

I just wanna dance!



I like your style.

Isn’t is the worst?!


Our hearts just melted

While we’re at it 😂

Well there’s always the 51st time

&& Thanks to some of the long time players who are clearly on point with their creative answers.

& From the @HashtagShenani Team


This weeks cohosts

Thanks again for tuning in to another great game on Hashtag Shenanigans & be sure to join us next week!

July 15th Cohosts

Play Hashtag Shenanigans Weekly with the @HashtagRoundup App – Free for iPhone, iPad, and Android!


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