#Spotlight on: @DamianVanore23


As part of an ongoing series we’ll be getting to know members of the Hashtag Community. Today’s Spotlight is on @DamianVanore23

1. What is the story behind your twitter handle?

My Twitter Handle @DamianVanore23 Is My Full Name And My Favorite, Lucky Number 23..It’s Been Good To Me!

2. How long have you been playing hashtag games?

I Joined Twitter In April 2011. I Have Been Playing Hashtag Games Since Early August 2014.. So 9 Months At This Point…I’m Ready To Birth!

3. How long have you been addicted to playing hashtag games?

I Knew I Was Addicted To Twitter When Someone Questioned Whether I Slept Or Not…I Do..Sleep.. About 7 Hours A Night Thank You Very Much!

4. What is something that nobody knows about you? (until now)

Nobody Knows How Much The Hashtag Community Has Lifted My Spirit…I Am Forever Grateful For That…So Thanks #HashtagWarriors Ya Ol’ So And So’s!

5. Keep up with @DamianVanore23

Follow my Youtube channel: http://youtube.com/DamianVanore23

6. A Few Of My Personal Own Favorite Tweets

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