#AskTheWorldAQuestion via Hashtag Shenanigans: The Top Picks


Alright Alright Alright we had an absolute blast yesterday with you guys on Hashtag Shenanigans and this weeks game was so amazingly outta control like Reggie Watts Afro. For our shenanigans this week we asked users on social media to #AskTheWorldAQuestion and everyone from our community of hashtaggers to celebrities, fandoms, politics and even major brands were jumping in and it was epic. I think this was definitely one of my favorite games as the majority of players were keeping it positive and added so much comedy my ribs still hurt from laughing. Once the tag hit the trend box on twitter it took of like a wild fire thanks to you amazing players from all over the world. Congrats to the top 10 this week and be sure to tune in next week when we have returning sponor/cohost Crazy Dog T-Shirts for your chance to win a FREE T-SHIRT. This weeks top 10 and shoutouts all are guaranteed to get a golden hashtag in the Hashtag RoundUp app and that includes all bragging rights. Have a great week and thanks for playing!

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We have no idea.

Orlando Phone Home

Totally a legit question.

Maybe he was never really looking for something.

Please and Thank You sincerely all of humanity.

Yes. That’s completely it.

Maybe….If he gets cast in Titanic 2….as the iceberg.

No Soup for you Donald Trump.

Probably by taking Xanax.

Not nearly.

Sean O Farrell has been officially knighted as the Irelands Top Hashtagger for Hashtag Shenanigans. This player not only dominates every game every week we’ve ran but also pretty much every other hashtag game played on twitter. Kudos to you good sir!

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