#OurFutureWillHave via Hashtag Shenanigans: The Top Picks


Alright Alright Alright This week was another epic week on Hashtag Shenanigans! The summer is slowly winding down with school getting ready to start back up and parents are free to par-tayyyyy or just sit around in silence like usual. Either way it’s a win for you. Our returning cohost/sponsor this week is the fantastic Crazy Dog T-Shirts and they rock it out every-time. Our game for Wednesday was #OurFutureWillHave as we’re just a few months shy of the B2TF anniversary and we wanted to get you guys ready. As soon as the tag hit twitter you guys ran with it all day and we so graciously thank you! Congrats to the best of the best for this weeks HashtagShenani game! Every week when Crazy Dog cohosts with us we always select 3 posts from twitter, 1 from Facebook and 1 from Instagram to receive FREE T-SHIRTS from CrazyDogTShirts.Com. Just for playing our game and if you’re lucky enough we may just give out a few golden hashtags on the HashtagRoundUp app.

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Um things just got serious

Twerking, Tweets and Granny oh my!


Maybe but then again maybe they did it on purpose! This tweet won you a FREE T-SHIRT Eryn!

I mean if they need the warning to begin with ……JEEZUS lmao

It’s about time!

Wouldn’t it be nice!

Do you smell what the rock is cooking at the white house! This won Moosh a FREE T-SHIRT!


That looks way more entertaining! && You also get a FREE TSHIRT!

Congrats to A Couple Of N3rds on Facebook for this post that won them a FREE T-SHIRT,

Congrats to Damian Vanore for winning a T-Shirt with his IG post!

Screen Shot 2015-08-14 at 1.42.23 PM

The lovely Tara Strong even joined in the fun!

From Home Base

That’s right. I met Chris Kattan once in LA. It was AWESOME.

You know it’s true!


For those still reading here’s a hint at what’s coming next to Hashtag Shenanigans!

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