#WouldHaveBeenABetterDecision via #Speedtagging: The Top Picks


We all make bad decisions from time to time, wishing we could have a do-over. This week I wanted to hear your #WouldHaveBeenABetterDecision

Didn’t trend, but still nailed it with 3000 Tweets. Thanks for playing.

Here’s the tops:

1st Place…yikes:

Well alright…

You still have your VCR…


Not because I feel threatened or anything…



Well played:

You said it first:


Insert Kosher joke here:

The BEST decision…can you imagine the soundbytes alone??

At least you were on time:

Or adding me to a list….

One from me:

Special thanks again to @TheHashtagGame & @HashtagRoundup for all you do!!

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