#PMSDosAndDonts via #Speedtagging: The Top Picks


Welcome to #SpeedTagging 43!!

This week, we had to tread lightly. For all the women that wanted to share their wisdom.. for all the men who have learned the hard way… I wanted to know your #PMSDosAndDonts.

Several thousand pounds of chocolate and multiple heating pads later, as well as a slight US Top Trend, I chose your best (and worst) advice. The tweets were incredibly funny this week.

Here are my top 10:

RIP cupcakes

Very sound

Noted…but are you?

No win

Just for PMS?

Nooo, definitely not

Sounds about right

You think?

Yeah…good point

Some honorable mentions:

Chill out

She’s not on Twitter…


One from me:

Special thanks again to @TheHashtagGame & @HashtagRoundup for all you do!!

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