#PeopleOftenTellMe via @hashtagskirmish & @ JK_Callaway: Top Picks


Awesome Turnout for This Week’s @HashtagSkirmish Game #PeopleOftenTellMe! We Trended #5 in the US with over 7,500 Responses by Over 3,000 Users so THANK YOU EVERYONE who played along!
Join us December 9nd for our next @HashtagSkirmish Game!

Here are some Honorable Mentions from the Best and Brightest in our Community!

Here’s one from someone who maaaaaaaay be starting a YouTube channel in the coming months (squeeeeeeeee)… JK Callaway!

And Now… Here is our Top10 for December 2nd, 2015’s @HashtagSkirmish Game #PeopleOftenTellMe!

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