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It’s that time of year again when it seems like every other week we have yet another family obligation to go to. They are filled with stilted conversations with relatives we only see once a year. Family drama bubbling to the surface as more and more wine is consumed. Children wildly running from room to room on a sugar high that will only end in tragedy and broken knick knacks. Throw in an elderly relative with a ….shall we say “Not Too PC” view of the world, for good measure. It’s a real pickle because on one hand this is your family and you love them. On the other, these are the people that drive you to the brink of insanity using every short cut they know to get you there that much faster. So I wanted to help you all out with a few tips on how to get threw the holidays with no manslaughter charges on your record. So for this week’s “Hashtag, You’re It” I wanted tips on how to #SurviveFamilyGatheringsBy and once again you guys did not disappoint. We trended in the U.S. and Canada for almost 7 hours. Big companies like Amazon, Hulu, Barnes & Noble, Krispy Kreme, Southwest Airlines, Skype, And The Girl Scouts Of America played along as well. So check out the top ten list below and don’t forget to tune in next week for the next installment of “Hashtag, You’re It”

And One From Television Presenter Julie Chen

And For A 4th Time We Got Picked Up By USA Today!!!!!!!

And One From Your Host

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