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I’m about to do something that I have never done before with my list……….Don’t Read It!!!!! That’s right, don’t read my list. Not because it’s not funny, or because it was so popular that there were almost 30,000 tweets, or because it trended worldwide for almost 8 hours. No, I don’t want you to read this list because it has, SPOILERS! Yes, that’s right, spoilers. That dreaded word that in our day of instant social media is almost as bad as kicking a puppy. The crime is in the name itself “spoiler”, your like taking milk and making it go bad. You’re spoiling it for someone. People can be ostracized for spoiling movies or TV shows. Whether it be the end of “The Crying Game”, “The Sopranos”, Or “The Usual Suspects” people wanted to find out at their own pace. Keep a spoiler is also fun. It’s like a secret that you get to share with others who have already seen it but one that you get to keep from those who haven’t. Well, right now there is no bigger spoiler than the ending of “Star Wars: The Force Awakens”. People actually have been really good at keeping this spoiler to themselves so that is why I’m letting you know now if you have NOT seen the movie don’t read this list. Don’t laugh all of these funny responses. Don’t chuckle at witty entries. Don’t guffaw at well crafted jokes just for you. Because for this week’s “Hashtag, You’re It” I asked you guys to tell me some bad titles for the next “Star Wars” Movie with the tag #BadStarWars8Names and this was my biggest game to date! As I said, 30,000 tweets. We trended for HOURS in the U.S., Canada, the U.K., Australia, and worldwide! Because of such an awesome response check out the top 20 list below.
Also don’t forget to join me next week for “Hashtag, You’re It’s” One Year Anniversary with a chance to win money for the top tweet!!!!!!!! Now onto the list

From Actor, Comedian Hal Sparks

From British Comedian Matt Lucas

From Actor Josh Malina

From Actor Robert Gant

And From The Nerd Source Itself Nerdist

And One From Your Host

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