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What we now know as the Internet has been in our lives since the mid 90’s. Now a days so much of our lives is done online: work, shopping, social interaction, love life. And everything that we have put out there……is still there! Almost 20 years of our lives is floating around in that dark corner of the internet we thought we’d never see again. Embarrassing middle school photos, that love song you posted to your girlfriend in college, naughty photos (so I’ve heard!!!!!). Our younger selves put those online never thinking that they would see them again. Then enter Google. The most popular and powerful search engine in the world. Screw Ask Jeeves. Forget about Bing. Google is so popular it has now become it’s own verb! So for this week’s “Hashtag, You’re It” I wanted you to go to that grave yard area of the internet and tell me what happened when you searched for yourself with the hashtag “#IGoogledMyselfAnd We trended for 7 hours in the U.S. and for almost 4 hours Worldwide!! And that was a great way to celebrate “Hashtag, You’re It’s” One Year Anniversary! Thank you all who played and all who have supported me this year. It has been a fun ride and hope to have many more years trying to make you guys laugh. Don’t forget to tune in next week for “Hashtag, You’re It” Season 2. Now onto the best of list with the number 1 place winning that prize of $100

And The First Prize Of $100 Goes To!!!!! (you can make your own little drum roll noise if you want)

Also Thanks To The Late Late Show Staring James Corden For Playing

And One From The Host

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