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I grew up watching “Benny Hill”. A sweet, kindly old man with a naughty streak larger than the able bosom he usually found himself in. A beautiful woman would do a normal, everyday action but then Benny would break the 4th wall and look at the camera letting us know that that action was so much more than ordinary. Now I was much to young to fully understand all the references that Benny would make before the end of the show saw him running away from a group of people while “Yakkity Sax” played in the background. I may not have understood them, but their comedy still hit me. I wouldn’t know why Benny’s leg would start thumping when a pretty girl lift up a pair of melons, but I would know that it was funny. This bawdy brand of humor seemed silly and clever all at the same time.

Later on of course i learned on innuendos and double entendres. That witty word play that say a word or phrase turned into a double meaning, usually of a sexual nature. Fun Fact: double entendre, while using french words, is NOT a french phrase. It was a bastardization of two French words put together by the British. *shooting star* 🎶 The More You Know!🎶

Well as anyone in real life can tell you I love a good saucy pun. Most of my humor is…..shall we say on the blue side. So for this week’s “Hashtag, You’re It” I wanted to corrupt your innocent little minds and get you thinking like me with the hashtag #NowThatJustSoundsDirty and my plan worked perfectly. Bwahahahahaha We trended for over 5 hours in the U.S. and even trended in Canada and India. So sit back, relax, and let the frantic melody of “Yakkity Sax” play thru your brain as you check out the top ten list below

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