#CNNMightCallBreakingNews via @PolitweecalGame: @therealezway The Top Picks


#CNNMightCallBreakingNews trended thanks to you guys! Top 10’ers remember to DM me (@therealezway) your interesting facts!

Before anything, I must say thank you to my lovely cohost @bunnyhugger75! She’s a wonderful human being, and if you’re not following her yet, you really should because she makes me laugh so hard I hate my ribcages

And of course the staple from your narcissistic host 😛

Honorable Mentions

If only my friend… if only…

I caught a blue checkmark! That’s a CNN Breaking News Story right?

But they have everything to do with euphemisms

The Cliffnotes analysis of the Republican debates

Same name regardless of color. That’s what I call progress.

Now for the top 10!

10. (Wolf Banana-Blintzer, ha!)

9. (more likely than a Cruz Presidency [hopefully])

8. (probable)

7. (sassy! I like it)

6. (the reason why will amaze you!)

5. (please please please?)

4. (Clever!)

3. (same body shape, we can all agree on that)

2. (there’s a lot of fish in the debris, but apparently not a lot of stories)

1. (how did you know the plot of my independent film?)

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