#IveGrownAccustomedTo via @GooglyTags @googlygirl98: The Top Picks


The response to #IveGrownAccustomedTo was overwhelming! In the end there were a total of 23,000 tweets! It was also exciting to see some celebrities play! At various times, the tag trended as high as #1 in the US and Canada, and #5 in the UK. It also was featured [email protected]

Everyone’s wonderful tweets were so varied, and I really enjoyed reading them! Well, as many as I was able to. Below are some I especially liked, again in no particular order.

This tag was inspired by the song “I’ve Gown Accustomed To Her Face,” sung by Rex Harrison in both the original Broadway run of “My Fair Lady” and the classic film version. So I was excited to get recognition from @broadwaycom!

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