#SomethingCoolIOnceDid via @GooglyTags @googlygirl98: The Top Picks


Wow. I loved the tweets for #SomethingCoolIOnceDid! So much variety: acts of heroism, major life achievements, hanging out with celebrities, deeds of generosity, little everyday “triumphs” …and also some really bizarre stuff, as always. The tag didn’t blow up like last week, but we briefly trended as high as #3 in Canada and #4 in the US!

Choosing tweets for this list / collage was extremely difficult for me, so I decided to exclude celebrity encounters and the “big things” for which you would receive a medal, award, etc.

I had two mentors this week: @hdtorch walked me through setting up and using TweetDeck, and stealth co-hosted as I struggled to use it for the first time during this game. @bigmacher taught me additional TweetDeck tricks, and how to transform my plain list of tweets into this cool collage format using Curator. Thank you both for your patience with me!

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