#UnpopularYouTubeTutorials via @HashtagKnights: Top Picks


YouTube has a variety of popular tutorial videos.
From unboxing to watching other people play video games.
From learning to create an origami Master Yoda to learning how to draw a realistic eye.
From learning how to bake the chocolatiest, most sinful chocolate chip cookies ever to learning how to Dougie.
From learning to fold your t-shirts in two seconds to learning to become a musical genius with four chords
Then there are the #UnpopularYouTubeTutorials ! That was the subject of the #Knights_Quest and here are the best ones we found!

King @papermonkeynz

Queen @MichelleyM


Prince @McMannofthepeop

Princess ‎@GreenwoodHelen

Duke @RealChrisCutts

Duchess @florence_myles

Baron @petemarshalljnr

Baroness ‎@gabby_gellerman

Lord @MilesToGo13

Squire @JDWilkinsonII

Court Jester ‎@DansAFunnyMan

Court Magician @RandyB20122014

Minstrel @polit_uncorr

Bishop @Killpandakill

Host ‎@HashtagKnights

Co-Host @SamAUAG

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