#FakeCelebrityMiddleNames via @HashtagKnights: Top Picks


We place so much value on celebrity these days. We live vicariously through them in movies, tv shows, or songs. We want to know all their dirty, little secrets the tabloids or tmz will share with us. But, have we explored their middle names? We gave now!
Our #Knights_Quest was for #FakeCelebrityMiddleNames . Here’s what they found.

King @MitchellBader

Queen ‎@mseric


Prince ‎@ZenRand

Princess ‎@DynaMoChen

Duke @Gr33nRobot

Duchess @MsTexas1967

Baron ‎@King__Dork

Baroness @Joyanna1985

Lord ‎@craigflynn1

Lady @CzexanCzich

Court Jester @1791bpc

Court Magician ‎@viewfrommyoffic

Minstrel ‎@JimDarrien

Bishop ‎@TheTrueDocLove

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