#EntertainmentTonight2030 via @HashtagKnights: Top Picks


Have you ever thought about what it would be like to bring a person from the past to experience their future Aka the present?
I would love to take a person from playing their state of the art video game , the Atari 2600, and sit them in front of a PS4 and watch their minds explode
Or show modern women’s fashion to someone from the 1950’s.
Or try to explain reality tv to people who haven’t even seen color yet.
Or shows like The Walking Dead or Game of Thrones to the censors of days gone by.
Or political system in the Information Age to the Founding Fathers. ….. Never mind. It’s better they don’t know about that.
In that vain, The #Knights_Quest was searching for headlines from #EntertainmentTonight2030.

King ‎@DimwittedGenius

Queen ‎@Kiera_is_Kie


Prince @TA_Skidz

Princess ‎@Joyannah73

Duke ‎@SeanDoubleJ

Duchess ‎@candicedarden

Baron ‎@travtacular

Squire ‎@petemarshalljnr

Lord @HeyDatsMe

Chancellor @outrageous74

Court Jester @wickedfedora

Court Magician ‎@SlimeySammy

Minstrel ‎@ThisSideOp

Bishop ‎@Devo8944

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