#VictorianEraModernTimes via @HashtagKnights: Top Picks


God Save the Queen. Sherlock Holmes. Prince Albert. Jack the Ripper. Repressed Sexuality. Colonial expansion. Widespread poverty. Top hats and Corsets. Evolution. Natural sciences. H.G.Wells. Jules Verne. What does the term Victorian mean to you?

Our #Knights_Quest was mashing #VictorianEraModernTimes .Here’s our steampunked Royal Court.

King @SethGoodtime

Queen @mollyligonn


Prince @lkoch99

Princess ‎@veldlot

Duke @antic5

Duchess @CricketArt67

Baron ‎@SuperPunkCanada

Baroness @HolaPendeckos

Lord ‎@PLBthetoonist

Lady ‎@fairytalejedi

Court Jester ‎@twattstweets

Court Magician ‎@BadRonen

Minstrel ‎@dennisgaunt

Bishop ‎@Cole_Adler

Host @HashtagKnights

Co-Host @SamAUAG

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