#SeinfeldIn4Words via @CurbYourTag @ZenRand: The Top Picks


In just 4 words, you helped us to rekindle our love affair for the sitcom “Seinfeld”, and your tweets were gold, Jerry! Gold!

Huge thanks to my guest hosts @Johnsense38 @lauriecrosswell and @JeffSarcastic for helping me to yada, yada, yada!

With the tag trending to #1 in US and CA, making Twitter Moments, and having celebs such as Kathy Griffin play our game, it became obvious in short order that so many of you were celebrating the reunion party with us!

Here are our top picks for #SeinfeldIn4Words!

and one each from our hosts:

Thanks so much for playing! We look forward to seeing you next Thursday night at 8:30pm EDT for a new @CurbYourTag word limit game!

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