#LamePicnicGames via @HashtagKnights: Top Picks


Summer’s here! Time to go outside, smell the freshly cut grass, spread your blanket , protect your basket from Yogi Bear, and have some fun in the sun & a slice of watermelon!

But, what about those games we play at a picnic. Horseshoes, badminton, volleyball, etc
What about the really bad ones that no one wants to talk about?

Our #Knights_Quest was #LamePicnicGames.

King @realJKCallaway

Queen @ellelljaytoo


Prince @The_Rum_Pirate

Princess @This_Actress

Duke @WoolyWoolhouse

Duchess @lokikittie

Baron @DannyMUFFINtop

Baroness @YoungCanais

Lord @Gentleman_John

Lady @LoraHelou

Court Jester @justplncate

Court Magician @TGJones_62

Minstrel @BoldKnightNan

Bishop @petemarshalljnr

Host @HashtagKnights

Co-Host @SamAUAG

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