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Remember back when you were in school and you got in trouble? What was your teachers favorite thing to scare you with…………”This Will Go On Your Permanent Record!” As a kid you thought that was a horrible thing. You’d think to yourself “My God, When I Try To Find A Job When I’m In My 40’s They’ll See I That I Shoot A Spit Ball On The Chalkboard In 3rd Grade!!!!” And back then that really scared you. It VERY much kept you in check the next time you thought about misbehaving. They fact that anyone could check back into your past and see exactly every grade, transgression, and tomfoolery you ever did as a kid. This giant three ring binder of every misconduct that will be strapped to your back the rest of your life. Well……if there are any children reading this (which i greatly doubt) let me put your doubts to rest. Your permanent record will cease to be a thing as soon as you leave high school. Let me repeat that for those in the nose bleed seats “YOUR PERMANENT RECORD IS BULLSH*T”. Once you’re accepted into College I think that everyone should walk into their high school office, ask to see their permanent record, and just sit down and tear up ever page, turn it into confetti, and throw it everywhere possible as you can-can dance out of the office throwing handfuls of now useless permanent record over your head. Now, I was a pretty good kid in school. I never really got in any big trouble so if you got your hands on my permanent record it really wouldn’t be that interesting of a read. But what about yours? That’s what I asked twitter with the hashtag what’s #OnMyPermanentRecord so check out the top list below and don’t forget to join me every Tuesday 11 am EDT for the next exciting episode of “Hashtag, You’re It”

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